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Infrastructure project feasibility and deal assembly involves the management of the professional activities that TREDIC undertake to fully evaluate the commercial options available to both our public and private sector clients. This is fundamental to allow the client to determine with informed decision making authority whether the project is feasible and should go ahead or not.



TREDIC’s infrastructure development services at this stage of the development process might include:


  1. Advising on seed capital & early project funding requirements
  2. Land sourcing, negotiation & acquisition
  3. Land valuation
  4. Residual development appraisals
  5. Feasibility studies
  6. Highest & best use analysis
  7. Creation of the project brief & design strategy
  8. Market research
  9. Operator and / or industry partner search
  10. Project strategy & business planning



TREDIC’s infrastructure investment advisory services at this stage of the development process includes for financing & funding execution strategy, including:


  1. Business planning & creation of the investment memorandums
  2. Preparation of the financial feasibility study
  3. Investor relations and placement strategy
  4. Residual appraisal analysis
  5. Undertake land valuations
  6. Negotiate land option agreements
  7. Provide comprehensive financial marketing & public relations strategy



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