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With a focus on both core and non-core asset classes, TREDIC structure,

finance, develop and advise on infrastructure projects globally; and are a trusted partner to Governments around the world as well as both public and private sector financial institutions.


As master developers and administrators we draw together globally sourced technical & financial expertise to set the most innovative and dynamic industry execution standards in socio-economic development, transportation, power, energy, digital communications, supply chain & logistics, defence, healthcare, water, sanitation & irrigation, agriculture, education and natural resources.


Typically TREDIC start by reviewing an infrastructure opportunity and undertaking preliminary due diligence prior to holding a conference call with the promoter, sponsor or project owner. Once a professional relationship and shared mind-set is established, TREDIC typically engage the project owner in a pre-consultation and where necessary undertake a site visit. TREDIC will establish the budget for preliminary project works and a commercial relationship will be formed.


TREDIC are able to secure major project finance for both core and non-core infrastructure (and possibly associated real estate) subject to budgetary commitment towards advance stage projecting in and mitigation of both funding and development risk. We therefore typically only work with early stage project owners whom have the required seed financing projecting budgets for provision of TREDIC’s services and the mobilisation of the required project infrastructure IP. This may include for commissioning of feasibility studies, environmental impact assessment, the provision of a project brief and design strategy, the provision of a project roadmap and execution plan, the provision of costing  studies and the provision of lobbying for the support of the key stakeholder groups.


Garnering local political support and the confidence of permitting security is also an essential ingredient of the TREDIC management strategy. With this in place, TREDIC structure the investment for the relevant capital markets that will have already been canvassed during the projecting phase and specifically to those organisation that will have already submitted letters of interest and/or intent to fund the project either at the permitting stage, or immediately post permitting.


The five core stages of the infrastructure development process that TREDIC manage on behalf

of clients and partners are:

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