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TREDIC is amongst the most progressive professional services firms in the world focusing on the impact of technological advancement, AI, IOT and smart building and maintenance systems within the real estate and infrastructure industries and general corporate practice, with strategic partnerships and commercial relationship with many of the world’s leading tech businesses as well as pioneering stat up and ground-breaking research and development initiatives.


Historically, capital build projects have been built in response to a specific problem, for example, providing housing, tackling localised issues such as sanitation, flooding or fire or the need to travel from A to B. In most cases, little thought has been given to future conditions or needs, a situation which has been exacerbated by short-term political cycles. This has meant that real estate, housing supply and infrastructure has quickly reached capacity and become unfit for purpose in many parts of the world.


The worlds of technology, real estate development and infrastructure are merging at a faster rate than any point in our history and the next generation will see more technological advancement and integration than in the hundred years beforehand. Capital projects & infrastructure will no longer be seen as predictable, engineering-driven and labour-intensive but rather at the cutting-edge of technology.


A wide array of disruptive, breakthrough technologies are rapidly transforming the way infrastructure is built and operated, reshaping the way the real estate and infrastructure industry operates, and bringing major implications for every participant in the value chain. TREDIC and our key industry partners are heavily funded and are at the forefront of global research and development into these new technologies and we bring this technical expertise to our partners and clients in both core and non-core real estate infrastructure.


We have come to the conclusion that there are some unique principles and technologies common to all sectors that need to be actively embraced and applied to all future infrastructure planning: Interoperability, the “Internet of things”, use of drones, climate resilience, 3D Printing, digitisation, smart tech, smart-maintenance, autonomous cars and infrastructure 3.0: ‘connecting systems’.


Regardless of where technology is taking us in immediate future, there is once certainty, and that is infrastructure has a bright future with plenty of capital available for the right projects that are structured efficiently to be commercially viable. With Trillions of USD committed to Global infrastructure over the next decade from Governments, Infrastructure Funds, Sovereign Wealth funds, Multi-lateral banks and Institutional Pension and Insurance funds, TREDIC is amongst the best placed of organizations globally to partner with, and meet your infrastructure needs.


TREDIC Corporation
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