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Due to the nature of the markets in which TREDIC are commercially active, the types of client and the highly varied project classifications, TREDIC tends to leverage a strong partnership base to access people and opportunities and to successfully execute projects.


We joint venture with and serve a wide range of clients and partners, including:


1. Investors (both public & private)

2. Developers

3. Contractors

4. Corporate and private enterprise

5. Government & Heads of State

6. Royal Families

7. Professional practices


All our partners tend to exhibit similar characteristics, typically these include:


1. Cash-rich & highly liquid

2. Fast moving executive decision makers

3. Politically & commercially connected

4. Have access to development & investment opportunities

5. A strong track record

6. An international agenda

7. An ethical stance

8. A desire to match TREDIC’s growth and expansion ambitions


TREDIC will typically start off in a new market through developing the partnership base and acting as the exclusive property services provider for a partner or client according to their commercial needs.


On a sliding scale of level of involvement, the nature of the partnership may fall into one of four categories:


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